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Within the framework of shibari seminars are held, where everyone can learn and improve their skills in this area. On this page, we offer movie tutorials shibari and bondage and prepared by us shibari ropes, and wax pastes, wooden shibari rings, rope scissors.

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Slaanesh & GanRaptor

A passionate and expert shibari, the forerunner of this art on the Polish stage.
His shibari shows have consistently attracted audiences to the most famous fetish and BDSM events since 2009.
The artistic level presented by him, skill in handling the rope, attention to the smallest details of costumes and props, emotions conveyed in theatrical productions, determined an unsurpassed example of stage productions with ropes.

Recent courses


Introduction to the workshop - something to warm up.


Shibari Basics – Level I

The course includes 11 videos showing the basic shibari techniques.


Shibari Basics – Level II

The course contains 9 videos presenting topics usually discussed on the second day of our workshops.


Binding with the stick

Four suggestions for tying with a stick.

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